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Hey all.

I picked up a 5.0 surround set of Klipsch Synergy bookshelf speakers a few weeks ago on CL (for $150) that I paired with a Dayton Audio Sub 1200. The bookshelf speakers are Klipsch Synergy SB-1, the surrounds are Klipsch Synergy SS.5, and the center is Klipsch SC-1.

I grabbed a Denon X1300W from Fry's for 50% off, and have been loving the sound.

However, during my hunt for a sub on CL (which I never found) I did find a pair of Cerwin Vega VS-120's that were just refoamed and in great condition for only $80, so I couldn't pass it up.

I switched out the Klipsch SB-1 L/R channels for these massive Cerwin Vega's, and even though they are of course not timbre matched, everything sounds great together in movies and the sound is much more "full" I guess would be the word. When playing just pure stereo music I definitely enjoy the vegas more. I do notice they sound slightly less clear in the high frequency(not by much) so I was wondering if I could add the SB-1's on top and wire them either parallel or in a series? The Cerwin Vega's are 4ohm and the Klipsch 8ohm. The receiver handles anywhere from 4ohm to 16ohm so it should be able to handle wiring either way from the resistance calculations I've done, but which would be better? Or is there a reason I should avoid the parallel/series wiring altogether and forget about adding the Klipsch's back in?

Also of note, is the guy had a set of Cerwin Vega SE-300's in good condition/refoamed for the same price. I didn't have any info on them at the time and so I took the VS-120's instead, but it looks like they probably would have been the better grab -_- so I may go back to pick those up. Anyone have thoughts on the SE-300 vs the VS-120?

Any advice would be appreciated!
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