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Comcast cable box zooming in on picture on non-HD channels

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Today I started having an issue with my comcast cable. On all of the non-HD channels, the picture is completely stretched both vertically and horizontally. It is almost as if it is zoomed in. For example, the top of people's heads are cut-off, logos or tickers on the bottom are completely missing. This isn't just a minor aspect ratio either where a little of the picture is missing - major parts of the picture are missing. If you switch to any HD channel, everything shows just fine. So if you are in Seattle like I am, the standard NBC channel 5 is messed up, the NBC HD channel 105 is completely fine. This just started today and I'm not sure what the issue might be, so wanted to see if there was anyone else who has experienced this befpre calling Comcast. I have a Motorola DCH 3416 cable box that is running HDMI to a DVDO EDGE device, which then runs to a Samsung PN50A550S TV.
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