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Last week I recieved Comcast Cable, due to issues at my community DirectTV is no longer viable, so had to switch.

Anyway, a few of the channels on my Panny 50" seem to be stretched. I have futzed with the formatting on the Panny and seems the cable box or comcast is doing something I do not understand.

Some channels throw there logos on the screen and bottom reading panel on the screen. On some of these channels I only see have the logo and not all of the reading panel.

The panel should read on left side:

Author: Whom ever

I see:

thor: Whom ever

It is the same on right side as well.

I have tried to format the Panny to see which view works, but none do.






The cable box which is an HD DVR box doesn't give much choices on screen format, but I still can't seem to get it right.

Is Comcast stretching some of these channels for some reason?

Thanks for any input on this.

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Originally Posted by Ratman /forum/post/15464859

Check settings in the cable box. Make/model?


I have the Scientific Atlanta HD 8300 Comcast cable box.

I just did a comparison between the SD and HD version of History Channel. SD version looks great as far as 16:9 format. The HD version looks stretched. You can see half the History Chan Logo, also the show put up a full screen of text and you couldn't see the full left or right of the text.

I ran the setup of the cable box and it is set for 1080i (Auto DVI/HDMI as it shows in the menu's).

The Panny is set to FULL.

Is Comcast doing something on broadcast of these channels? Or is it me?


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Ok, looks like it is fixed, Comcast RESET my box, I unplugged and reset it on my end and the History Channel HD comes in fine now.

So far so good. Thanks for help guys.
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