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Comcast DVI-D to HDMI cable

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Okay here's the deal:

I have an Olevia 232V HDTV

I have Comcast digital cable with the (I believe) Motorola DCT6412 STB

I've been trying to take all the connections from analog to digital, between the STB and the PS2. I purchased component cables for the PS2 and the optical output, so I have progressive scan DVD and digital sound.

The problem is, the cable box is also using the component input on my TV and it's annoying to have to switch the two out each time I want to watch a movie or play a game, and like I said I want the video to be digital. I already have an optical cable for the sound.

So what I did was get a DVI-D to HDMI adapter because the cable box does not have an HDMI output. The main problem I'm having now is that the video is basically blinking between a snowy scrambled screen to a second of the actual channel I'm watching.

Does anybody have any idea why? I called Comcast and of course they didn't really know or help much. They told me to upgrade to a box that supports HDMI, which I didn't even know they had. The problem with this is I'd lose all my DVR recorded shows unless I buy yet another cable (firewire) and try to copy them all to my laptop. I'd rather avoid all that work to be honest, but I might just have to.

Any idea as to what can be done? Or am I pretty much doomed to either staying with analog cables or switching out my box?
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I'd like to know the answer to this as well. My setup is a Samsung SIR-T150 DVI output going to an HDMI input. I've run out of HD input real estate, and would like to push my OTA signal into the HDMI. Is this possible?

(outlawtruth - sorry to piggyback on your thread.)
Is the User setting for the DVI output set to proper setting for your HDTV??? I have the same set-top box and had to change mine to 720p for it to look right.
I tried to play around with as many settings as I could on the TV and didn't get anywhere, I figured it might be a setting on the STB I could change but didn't know how to access advanced settings like that.

I've already switched out the box now, but I still want to know out of sheer curiosity why that happened and what could have been done.
This sounds like it's not passing HDCP. If your display and STB can't negotiate an encrypted connection, that's what happens.
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