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Comcast DVR vs Directv HR20

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Hi All-

I've had the Comcast Motorola 6412 (I think) DVR since it's release and while I've been relatively happy with the performance (minus the fact that I'm on my 3rd one) I can't stand how much I'm paying for their service.

I've recently caught wind of a special promotion through Directv HD DVR HR20-700+ AT9 Dish + 4 Month HD Prog.+ Install for $19.95.

Will I notice a difference in the picture quality?

Is the Comast HD picture better than Directv?

I've read that the HR20 doesn't have the local OTA HD working yet.

I don't necessarily mind the hastle of switching and I figure if I'm not satisfied I can always switch back and then get on another promo through Comcast.

Thanks for any advice!
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Can you tell me where you heard of the promo? I'm a 6 year customer and they want to charge me $99 to upgrade my current dish and HR10-250 HD DVR to the new HR20 DVR.
I suggest you consider Dish. They have about 30 HD channels not counting locals and the OTA tuner is working now. Picture quality is better than the Comcast I had.
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