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I recently switched from an old DirecTV Tivo to Comcast HD on a DCH-3416, and it has been a fairly dismal, painful experience. But I have my fingers crossed that they'll let me get the Tivo software someday soon.

Yesterday I witnessed something that was so appallingly abysmal that I thought I'd relate the experience here.

We were watching a movie that was also being recorded. I don't know if it makes any difference (probably not), but something else was recording on the other tuner at the same time.

About 15 minutes into the movie, the Emergency Broadcast System decided to warn everybody about a tornado warning in another county, and that's when the fun started. A big ugly black & white text screen popped up and started running the warning text across the screen. This in itself was slightly annoying since the affected county is about 100 miles away, but that's the least of the annoyances.

The warning stayed on the screen for five or six minutes. But periodically, sometimes every 30 seconds or so, and sometimes at longer intervals, the warning would briefly go away and show a second or two from some totally random channel, then the warning came back. My first thought was simply that it was handled in a pretty sloppy way, but pretty much iGuide business as usual, right?

Finally the warning went away... only to come back a few minutes later and go back to the annoying channel jumping. This happened several times throughout the afternoon.

But worst of all, and most surprisingly to me, it stopped playback and it interrupted the recording. And when it would do that weird channel jumping, the DVR would record new entries about 1 second long -- which wouldn't play right, they'd just hang the DVR. (Not crash it, but it would show the play-bar at 1 second, and nothing on the screen until I pressed the Stop button.)

I wound up with one entry in my DVR recording list about 15 minutes long, then lots of little 1-second entries, then a whole series of entries a couple minutes long with more 1-second entries scattered about randomly. We tried to watch the little chunks anyway, but anything that was broadcast during the time the emergency message was shown was lost, making the show generally impossible to follow.

All for a tornado warning 100 miles and two counties away.

I've never used this phrase before, but I was actually embarassed *for* the people responsible for such a poor implementation.
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