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Comcast HD Sunnyvale CA: Baseball LCS?

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Please pardon me if this is a repost. I am away from home,looked for original post and couldn't find it, so here's a shorter version of queston:

I'm getting Comcast HD installed in Sunnyvale, California on October 14 and wonder if I will then be able to see the baseball Leage Championship Series and World Series in HD?

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No FOX HD on Comcast in Bay Area.

Questions about Comcast Bay Area belong in this thread:
Why bother with no A's or Giants?

Just kidding ... See the Bay Area Comcast thread. We will likely not see Fox HD on Comcast in the Bay Area until the end of 2005 or beginning of 2006, if that.
not sure if they serve your area, but rcn has fox hd. rcn is without a doubt, the best cable company i have ever had. the customer service is among the best i've ever dealt with (always friendly and polite, even if not always helpful) and their prices are very competitive.
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