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Comcast in Central NJ Motorola 6412

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Does anyone know when Comcast of NJ will role out the new Motorola 6412 Box? I currently have the 6208 .


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I'm in northeast NJ and have the 6208 as well. What's the 6412 supposed to have?

BTW, are your regular non-HD broadcast channels 2,4,7 practically unwatchable? Mine are horrible, and worse at night too.
The new 6412 has a dual tuner which allows you to record one channel and switch to another channel that you are not recording . The 6208 if you want to record a channel you have to watch the channel you are recording.

Yes my non-HD channels suxs as well.

Here is a solution that helps make the channels 2-4-7 look a little better.

1- Split the cable that come into the house. Put one end of the split into the Cable box.

2- Split the other cable right into the back of your tv. The only downside to this is that you won't get any channels above 125 you jus get standrad cable.

3- When you want to watch regular channels just switch to the TV. ( I do not know what type of tv you have but you should have something Like Video 1 , Component, TV as different input options.) When you want to watch HD or Digital TV switch the input to your cable box.

4- I have notice a nice improvement with regulat TV..

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Here is the email I received back from Comcast concerning the 6412 Box:

Thank you for contacting Comcast Cable regarding the Dual Tuner Digital

Video Recorder.

We are expecting to have this service available to our customers by the

end of this year. We do apologize for the delay and appreciate your

patience in this matter.

I will forward your name to our sales team to make contact once they are


Our Promise: We will entertain, inform and empower our customer, while

enriching our communities.



Comcast Customer Care Specialist
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Rob, what I'm doing currently to solve the single tuner issue of the 6208 is I'm splitting my cable from the wall. One side goes to the cable box and the other side goes to a VCR. I use the VCR as a second tuner to watch one show, while I use the cable box to DVR a second channel.

The drawback is that the channel I'm watching through the VCR has to be non HD.
How is the quality when splitting to the VCR? If not as good try splitting it directly into the tv if you have an extra input. I would also suggest to run the VCR with standard RCA cables into the TV by itself if you have enough inputs. I have seen on my tv a Panasonic CRT 47x54 an noticeable improvement.

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