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Comcast Install, MUST the HD set be here?

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I have placed an order for my first HDTV and am awaiting arrival. I have scheduled an appointment for Comcast to come out to install cable (replacing DTV for better HD content). They have told me it is the same cable box/dvr for both standard and HD sets. I scheduled Comcast based on when I thought the TV would arrive, but now it looks like it will not arrive until next week.

My question is: Do I need to wait until the HD set is here to have Comcast install, or can I just provide a standard def TV for the setup and then hook up the new HD set when it arrives?

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There are multiple boxes that Comcast provides. You need to make sure you got the HD capable box (Motorola 6412-Phase 3, HD-DVR in my case). It's a more expense box, I pay $10/month for mine.

They should be able to drop of the box and test the programming of the box using an Standard Def TV via one of the analog video feeds. (e.g. the HD channel should be viewable, just not shown in High Def). Once you get your new HDTV delivered and connected, you should be able to tell if a high def signal is getting transmitted. For example on my projector it specifically tells me the type of signal it is getting and on my Sony CRT HDTV, the DRC functions shut down when a 480P or better signal is fed into it.

If something's not right, you should be able to call Comcast tech support and get them to fix it.
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Yes, I am getting the DVR that contains both a std and a hd tuner, according to the Comcast rep. I am told they will be providing two identical dvr boxes, one is for the new HD set and the other for a std def TV.

I had planned on the new HD set to be in position when Comcast arrived. But it is scheduled for Friday morning and it now sounds uncertain if the new TV will arrive by then.

Should I reschedule the appointment until after the new HD set is here,

Or, just go ahead and have Comcast perform the install now (using a std TV to test) and then replace the std set with the new HD set when it arrives?
I'd do what you feel most comfortable with. Like I said, using the SD set you and the installer should be able to test the box is working and you are getting the channels you ordered and are paying for. Once the HD set is in place, just confirm everything is working. I don't believe they would charge you to come back out again if something isn't working because they didn't program something properly. (They could/might if the problem wasn't on their end, e.g. you didn't hook up between the box and HDTV properly) You always got tech support over the phone which doesn't cost anything. You got us here at AVS as well.

So if everything goes like it should, the installer should get everything cabled up and the box programmed and should be able to test channel availability using the SD set. Once you get HD set delivered and hookup up using either the component or one of the digital connections (DVI/HDMI) you would just confirm you are seeing all the channels and the appropriate channels are coming in HD. It should be cleary apparent an HD channel vs a non-HD channel in terms of quality.

If your not sure, I'd say best to reschedule your appointment. FYI, Comcast won't supply any DVI/HDMI cables. I think they may provide a component cable during install (I'd call Comcast and verify this).

Also the other thing you said Comcast was providing two identical DVRs, one to use with your new HDTV and the other to use with your SDTV. I'd ask if they have a non-HD DVR and how much it costs for that 2nd SDTV (I believe they do). If available, its probably cheaper per month. If they do have a cheaper non-HD DVR, unless you plan on getting a 2nd HDTV soon your just throwing money away. I suppose you could use it to view the HD channels in Stand Def on the 2nd TV if your so inclined.
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You may find it nice to have the recording capability of the DVR, even if hooked to the SD set. You get about 50 hours or more of capacity with SD material.
The install will primarily consist of Comcast verifying signal integrity, which HDTV STB's require to a greater degree than standard units. Most of their techs are not trained how to actually connect the STB to an HDTV, although there are exceptions.

In some areas, they will not leave the HD STB unless the HDTV is on site, but if you show them a receipt, they may make an exception.
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