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We recently have had troubles with our cable boxes. So far Comcast has not been able to help, so Im turning here.

We had our cable downgraded from Digital cable with HD to Limited Basic with HD. This move will save $50/month. Part of the downgrade involved cable guy coming out and putting a filter on the line to reduce the amount of channels available to limited basic channels.

A few days later I get an error the says "This Channel Will Be Available Shortly" for every channel. We called Comcast to see if there was an outage and there wasnt.

After explaining the problem, they sent out another cable guy to replace the box. The new box worked for about 15 minutes and then had the same problem. (Of course he had already left by that time.)

One thing I did note that looked odd was under the Cable Box configurations menu, it lists the MAC option as Not Connected. Is this normal?

FWIW, I have cable line coming in to a 1-->2 splitter with the cable tv sharing the line with the cable modem. I am also connecting the cable box to the tv via component cables.

Does anyone have any ideas about what is wrong or things we can do to try to get it fixed? The cable guy is coming out tomorrow to replace the box (again) and my confidence is low that they will get it fixed any better.
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