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So I'm trying to program the AUX button on the Motorola Comcast DVR silver remote for an old Sony audio system. It's called the Sony Maximum Home Theater and it's about 14yrs years old and consists of two tower speakers with the receiver built into one of them and wireless surround speakers. I've tried EVEY Sony code in the list that came w/the remote (even TVs and DVD players and what not) with no success. Is there a brand that is similar to Sony that I might want to try? Keep in mind this is basically an all-in-one audio system that's 14yrs old. I even tried the 9-9-1 learning mode for AUX (which I think only works for the TV button but tried it anyway) w/o any success.

Please offer some suggestions to make this work. I have the Sony remote which works just fine if that helps. Below is a picture of the speakers in question for reference:

Thanks for the help!

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I don't know if the SA-VA35 is similar enough to share ir codes but there is an upgrade file for JP1 remote (which Comcast remote is one) for it. That particular upgrade can be entered in using the remote's keypad and keymove function on the Comast remote, without having the JP1.2 cable.

This is a bit of a test, but try this:

1. First, set the setup code for AUX to 1758

2. Press and release AUX

3. Press and hold SETUP until the remote blinks twice

4. Type 994

5. Press and release SETUP

6. Type 32570

7. Press and release POWER

The remote should blink twice if everything is correct.

For volume keys, repeat steps 3-7 with the following numbers for step 6 and the appropriate keys for step 7:

Vol up = 32826

Vol down = 31802

Now try the power button to power on or off, and the volume keys. If they work, I can give you the rest of the function number translated from the upgrade file above.
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