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Comcast or DirectTV or RCN

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I have been a Comcast customer for a few years. My contract is up and I am seriously considering switching. The prices have gone up considerably.

I don't need much. Basic cable channels. Internet. Maybe phone.

I have never used DirectTV or RCN. I think DirectTV does not offer a lot features or phone service (?!). But I probably would not care to deal with a dish either.

So I guess it is down to Comcast and RCN.

I will be getting my Panasonic Plasma TC-P50GT30 soon. I also purchased a HDMI cable to go with it. It's either Dynex or Rocketfish. It will be my first plasma TV.

What would be the pros and cons for both service providers?
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You have to compare each provider for the services that are important to you!!

Cost, channels offered, you know what you get with Comcast so you should really investigate RCN in your area.

You can always call Comcast and tell them that you are considering switching to another provider and see what happens!!

At worse case no deals but it won't hurt to try.
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