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I am trying to make a decision between the obviously much better but also much more expensive TIVO HD and a Comcast SA 8300HD (no purchase and smaller monthly expense). This would be for a second TV in the house so it would not get extensively used. Therefore, all else being equal, the saving in costs associated with the Comcast SA 8300HD would more than offset its disadvantages.

Now my question since all else is not equal:

The new DVR will need to have a large hard drive as I frequently "batch process" the shows I record. Is it possible to replace the hard drive in the Comcast Scientific Atlanta 8300HD, like I did so easily with our TIVO HD?

I have seen much discussion on using an external esata drive but nothing about replacing the internal hard drive. If using an external esata drive is the only option, the TIVO HD is the device we will go with.
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