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Excerpted from The Salt Lake Tribune

September 9, 2003, Tuesday

The Wasatch Front's primary cable provider announced Monday that a majority of its subscribers today can start signing up for high-definition television (HDTV) access.

Beginning Sept. 29, cable subscribers will be able to receive HDTV programming from NBC affiliate KSL, ABC affiliate KTVX and PBS' KUED, not to mention HBO, Showtime, ESPN and other cable services.

Comcast's Utah Vice President Gary Waterfield said the company has poured about $200 million into upgrading fiber-optic cable service along the Wasatch Front. About 170,000 of Comcast's 240,000 subscribers are wired to get the enhanced service, Comcast spokeswoman Barb Shelley said. The Wasatch Front will join about 80 other HDTV markets around the country.

Viewers will need a Comcast digital subscription and an HD cable box, which can be rented for $5 a month from Comcast.

Sports broadcasts and movies garner the biggest interest in HDTV, Waterfield said. For instance, ABC's "Monday Night Football" will be offered in high-definition splendor.

The Wasatch Front's first major high-definition event, Shelley said, will be KSL's broadcast of October's general conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
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