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Comcast with Mot 6412, when turning box on an off I lose picture (never happened b4)

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I have had the 6412 for a while now and have had (knocking on wood) no problems.

I have a Harmony remote, and when I switch between watching PVR (the 6412 STB) and watching a VCR tape or watching a DVD I lose the pic when I got back to wathing the PVR (the remote turns the STB off when I watch a dvd or video tape). I have never had this problem before, I used to be able to turn my TV and STB on and off in any order I wanted and never had a problem. Well now I am having this problem and it is really pissing me off. I can reverse the problem by starting a DVR'd program and then stopping it and then my cable comes back on.

Did Comcast (NJ) just to an upgrade or something? I have changed no settings on my box and I am using a DVI to HDMI cable.

Is there a fix to this problem? With the way the Harmony remote works this is seriously going to screw up my switching between devices with ease.

Thanks all, and if this has been posted already I am sorry. I tried looking for this but there are so many threads on the 6412 I got lost.......
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I've been getting this too in the last week, when I turn on my watch tv activity. Had the 6412 and a harmony for a few weeks now and it just started doing this. I have to start a dvr show and then flip back to cable to get the cable to work. It doesn't happen every time but often enough to be annoying.
I had the same problem, without using a harmony remote though.

I tried the "unplug the power cable, wait fifteen seconds, and plug back in" trick. It worked... for a couple of days.

They ended up doing a reset from the local office when a technician finally came out to take a look at it.

Good news: it hasn't happened since.

Even better news: I didn't lose any of the recordings or schedulings.

Bad news: the box had to re-download the guide info.

Mr Zoid.
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I had the same problem with my Harmony. I went in to the power settings in the Harmony setup and set it so the 6412 stays on all the time. Maybe that's not the best way to solve the problem, but it worked.
I did the same as hmil with my Harmony, it always leaves the 6412 on. Their is very little difference in power draw since the disk drive alwalys runs even when the power is "off" which would be better if it was called "standby"
That is also how I resolved the issue with my Harmony, but I am still annoyed that this happened when I have had no problems at all. I unplugged my set and then plugged it back in. I then checked to see if it still happens and it does not.

I also checked my firmware and it is still 9.12 I am from union county in new jersey so it looks like we have not received 9.15 yet. I remember reading a post here somewhere about 9.15 just coming out.
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