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Sorry if this isn't the best forum to place this question, but I'm not really sure where to put it exactly.

So I goto a small gym, and the gym owner asked me for some advice. I have a few ideas but I bet someone will know of a better way to go about that here.

Basically right now the gym uses a little home theater in a box thing for sound, and the input to that is a headphone jack wire going to a sony alarm clock touch screen where the owner plays pandora all day through it. Its a sony dash hid-c10. I'm suggesting he replace this setup. I'm not familiar with a more commercial solution but I was going to string some speaker wires around, mount a few speakers up in the ceiling area and bring them all back to a smart receiver that he can stream pandora from directly, and then control that with his iphone or a tablet if he wants a general device to leave around the gym for people to control. I'd rather he tuck the reciever away somewhere. His all in one box right now is just sitting on the floor between some equipment. This is a brand new facility he just moved into.

Oh the major driver behind this is that his sony device just stopped working, it wont stream anymore and says it cant connect. I've read sony has abandoned this device so I'm not surprised its having issues talking to sony servers.

He also doesn't want to spend a ton of money, he just needs some sound, it doesn't need to be concert level and TBH the accoustics in the room are horrible because its all painted cinderblock and hard cement floor and he doesn't seem interested in purchasing any sound panels to soften the reverb.

Personally I have a nice onkyo receiver but the app can be buggy, not sure I want to give him something that can be that unreliable, he's not tech savvy. He does have a comcast business connection with their cisco gateway device, 2.4/5ghz wifi builtin, and I can run network cable to the receiver if need be(I'm going to push him to do that since its cheap and more reliable than the wifi IMO) So my suggestion so far is a network receiver with a nexus 7 tablet to control it or something.

Attached a pic of the gym I found on their fb page



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