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Common/Uncommon PS2 Problem HELP!!!

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I've had my ps2 for about two and a half years now. This "thing" just started happening. My games used to boot directly to the game. Now it starts out like there is no game in the system(browser/sys config screen) and then a couple seconds later the game boots. Has anyone else had this problem. Its starting to get annoying.
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If you think its annoying now, wait until you start getting the Disc Read Error. First you will have to turn your PS2 upside down to get some games to load, then some wont load at all and then nothing will load. Its well documented and not that hard to fix yourself. Do a google search for PS2 disc read error, there are plenty of sites that will give you step by step instructions w/pictures on how to take your ps2 apart and adjust the laser. The cost to get it repaired from someplace runs close to $100.

That doesn't sound like a disc read error issue. Are you leaving your PS2 in standby mode or do you shut it off completely every time?
Stanby mode....as in i press the reset button until it is red. yes i do that. i do not press the switch in the back. Its just like a PC.
Here's an address with a detailed walktrhrough with pics detailing how to fix the problem.


It's not all that difficult, just requires removing some screws the testing part took longest. I still couldn't get Blue PS2 games on CD to work, for instance I have NBA Street and it originally came out on a PS2 CD (not dvd) and it is nearly impossible to get this game to read. I still couldn't get it to read after doing this, although many movies and most all my other games were able to read fine.
auarthur -

I have recently been having the exact same problem. Same thing, as opposed to the game booting up directly, I get the menu with the swirly things for about 5-10 seconds, then it boots up the game. I have especially noticed this with Madden 04. I have had mine for about 2 1/2 years as well.

This happens to me too!!! Frigging annoying!
Mine does it with blue discs (CD games) but not regular silver discs. And it also makes a whining noise while the game is loading. Mine is a little over 2 years old.

As far as disc read errors I have been told that there have been so many problems with them with the PS2 that Sony will fix them for free. Just gotta give them a call. From what I hear the fixes that are on the net are only temporary and the problem will resurface eventually.
I thought Sony would only fix it if something happens within their gay 30 day warranty period. Its not good that those fixes are only temporary...........has anyone done this????
I fixed mine and a friend's PS2 just by cleaning the laser lens with alcohol and a cotton swab. No need to adjust the laser. Refer to the ArsTechinca article linked above for directions.
I have a PS2 bought on the first day, mine started doing this, only on DVD games not CD games, first I cleaned the laser & that fixed it for a couple of months. Started acting up again and laser cleaning did not fix it, so I did the adjustment and that fixed it for about 5 months, I had to keep adjusting it until I had gone through all the adjustments. Then I adjusted the laser voltage for the dvd laser & everything has been fine for over a year. The lasers in the first batch of PS2's are very cheap & unreliable. Everyone I know who got one of the first PS2's has had this problem. At least the problem is easily fixable. I have not heard of Sony fixing PS2's after warranty but it could not hurt to ask.

Originally posted by auarthur
I thought Sony would only fix it if something happens within their gay 30 day warranty period. Its not good that those fixes are only temporary...........has anyone done this????

A couple people in another forum that I am a member of said this. I haven't actually tried it but it doesn't hurt to give them a call. Just tell them you are getting disc read errors and you heard that they will fix it free.
From my understanding, the disc read error on the first batch of PS2's has more to do with a plastic gear adjustment than the laser itself.
Also standing the ps2 vertically helps the laser stay in its range and so it won't fall out of adjustment. Also harder for dust to get on the laser. I' ve had mine for 2 yrs no probs. I keep it in standby and has been vertical since day one!!
I can confirm the free repair of PS2's. I called the sony help line f

Mine isn't playing DVD's any more. They would spin and then make a sort of clicking sound, then spin again and click. This happens 3 or 4 times and then I get the "disc read error".

This is what SONY emailed me, I "X"-ed out my ref number. Just give them a call and they email you this. They said it was a "one time offer of good faith" or something.

***edit*** I had to delete the URL link to sony since this is my first post.


Dear PlayStation(R) Owner,

Thank you for contacting Sony Computer Entertainment America.

Package only your console - unless instructed otherwise by the phone

representative - and send it


Bristol SSC

1501 Grundy's Lane

Bristol, PA 19007

Price: 0.00 Tax: 0.00

Shipping: 0.00 Total: 0.00

Please fill in the information below and print two copies (include one

copy with the console,

retain the other for your records).



City, State, Zip Code:

Telephone #:

Serial #:

Model #: PS2NA

Description of Problem:

List Items Being Sent:

The following number is your Service Request Number (SR#): X-XXXXXXXX.

This number is used as a

reference to ensure that you will not be charged for your repair. On

the outside of the package

containing your console, please print your full name, address and the


We recommend sending your console by Traceable or Insured Mail. Turn

around time for all repairs is

15 to 20 working days from the time assigned to a technician; not

including shipping and handling


The console will normally be returned to you via UPS Ground Insured.

Your repaired/exchanged

console will come with a new 90-day limited warranty. Please hold on to

the invoice that arrives

with your console, as this is proof of your new warranty.

Note that a diagnostic fee may be charged for consoles that the Service

Center will not repair.

These would include consoles that have been modified or tampered with;

show signs of infestation or

liquid damage; have had their serial numbers removed/defaced; or, the

cost to repair exceeds the

cost of a new console.

If you would like to check the status of your repair, click on this



Sony Computer Entertainment America

Consumer Services
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Holy crap!!! Thats a long turn around period. I think its better to clean it yourself. That is if you don't mind loosing your warranty.
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