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I'm attempting to hook up an xbox, a dvd player and a motorola cable box to my Panny HDTV.

I've got an Onkyo receiver, but it only has two component inputs, so I'm looking at a switcher.

I've heard good things about the Psyclone from Best Buy, but I'm not looking to break the bank if I can avoid it (right now, eventually I hope to upgrade to a much higher end switcher)

The other product that caught my eye was , a Pelican (but not the Pelican Pro) from Circut City that retails for about 20 bucks.

(I'd include urls, but I don't have enough posts yet and may be a dirty spammer)

How much drop off in picture quality am I going to see if I go with the cheaper product? If I decide that I'm going to stay cheap for the time being, is the cheaper switcher bad enough that I might as well just run two items through my receiver and the other in s-vid?

Thanks (and hopefully this is posted in the right forum).
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