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( Comparison btw AE 300 & Sanyo Z 1)


HI there

I am deciding between AE 300 & in focus X1 for use with an HTPC

Is the AE 300 output via DVI much better in resolution as compared to VGA ( other 2 projectors has no DVI )

the article talked about L300 delivers HDTV 1080i with somewhat better image sharpness and detail.

QN : I would presume this applies to 720 p as well ( which technically is better than 1080 i )

As my country has no HDTV , I am wandering if this 1080 i or 720 p superiority in image sharpeness is applicable to scaling up analog sources ( VHS, cable TV) via D scaler to the projector

qn 2 : which means via the AE 300, i get sharper 1080 i image when viewing VHS tapes and cable TV ?

*** IF DVI is no longer a compelling reason ( AE 300)

SANYO SEEMS be the best bet.

In the comparison article btw ae 300 & X 1 .

1) IF Viewing distance is not a problem at more than 2 x screen width .

Than X 1 is better in contrast , shadow detail and EVEN COLOUR saturation and accuracy

2) Viewing distance is not a problem for m eat more than 2 x screen width

AE 300 has no advantage over Sanyo

3) The SANYO PLV-Z1 produces a brighter, bolder image with more intensely saturated color than in focus X 1
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