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I changed my Audigy for a Delta-410 a couple of weeks ago and removed the Audigy. Today I put it back in (in order to be able to record from my WinTV with Showshifter) and used the oppurtunity to A/B compare the two soundcards for CD playback.

Both were connected to my Yamaha DSP A5 using analog connectors. All DSP effects were switched off. I have two Ibex Eiger speakers (from a company I once worked for that folded) which are absolute high-end quality.

I used Winamp 2.80 without any DSP plugins to playback two audiophile CD's:

- Thelma Houston - I've got the music in me from Sheffield Lab's

- Flim & the BB's - Tricycle from DMP, a 20bit remaster on a gold CD

There is simply no comparison between the two audio cards!

The Audigy's sound is muffled, has very little depth. Thelma Houstons voice sounds like she was standing behind a paravent. The voice sounded flat and had none of the "edge" Thelma has.

In contrast the Delta-410 produced a very clear soundstage, Thelma was standing right between the two speakers and blew us away.

Tricycle's first song starts very soft, and then has drums and bass coming with extreme dynamics. The delta reproduced that with an incredible intensity, the Audigy's rendition didn't come close.

The hi-hat on the delta was clear while the audigy sounded muffled.

The difference was more than evident - several people (without any golden ears) noticed the diffrence without problems.

For my part I'm more than happy to have the Delta - it makes an enormous difference.

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