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Comparing projectors

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What is the best ways to compare projectors?? It seems that when I go to a shop and they have multiple rooms that after I view a part of a film that I am familar with them, I go to view a projector in a seperate room,it is hard to remember what the first room looked like. Indepentently,they all look good!!

Also , Maybe its just me,but to me the sound system makes a difference when I am viewing a projector. If I view a good projector in a bad sounding room or one with a poor system it seems that even an excellent pj just does not look as good. Maybe I should view the pj with the sound off??

I would be interested in other peoples views.

Larry Kosova
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Not to oversimplify things, but if they all look pretty good on their own, and you don't plan on having two of them at home where you could highlight the relative strengths and weaknesses of each projector, why not simply buy the one that has the features you need for the best price? In other words, why over-analyze it?

When I finally purchased my LP770, I hadn't seen a single LCD projector. I knew that I wanted an XGA LCD projector that would handle HDTV input, and that was bright enough to not worry about running it with some lights on. I didn't want to break the bank, so I knew I'd need to find a nice used one. I began searching ProjectorCentral for projector models that had those features, then I searched the auction sites for those models.

I honestly think that ignorance is bliss when it comes to comparing similar projectors. I may have gotten lucky, but I'm really happy with my purchase. I didn't really want to check out a bunch of different models, then experience analysis-paralysis trying to pick the best of the best. They all have pros and cons, and those are exaggerated too much if you do a bunch of side-by-side comparisons. Sure the contrast or color may be better on this or that machine as you see them side by side, but are you really gonna notice a deficiency once you get it home?

If you're totally in the dark about what is important to you, definitely look at a few projectors, but keep your comparisons within your price range! It does no good to discover that you love the Z9000 and nothing else compares, if all you can afford is $2500! That will just cause you to feel disappointed for only getting the $3000 machine! (Yeah, that's how the math worked out for me!)

BTW Larry, it seems that you should spend more time and energy getting the sound system right than worrying about the projector!

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I generally try to look at projectors with the sound turned way down or even off. Helps focus on the picture.

Also, I think that sound is more easily solved than picture these days.

Depending on what your budget is you should at least narrow to seeing projectors of each technology: CRT, DLP, and LCD.

CRT gives the best picture with the tradeoff being the size of the projector.

DLP has good contrast but for certain viewers displays rainbows making the picture unwatchable.

LCD has better colours, poorer contrast and screen door. Some find the screen door too annoying.

It's important for you to find out which technology best suits your needs.
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acaplinger,et al,

you make it sound to easy.The sound system,for me, is the least of my worries. I want to compare to get the best value at my price point,which is relative since I am not buying straight retail. I have compared amps,cd players,processors etc. This is part of the fun of this psychotic hobby.

I am looking at dlp or crt but leaning towrds dlp. Since I have not even built the theater yet(it is being designed as we speak) I am doing my homework now and it is a good excuse to check out different gear.

I guess it will depend on what is out by the time I am ready to buy. The pj will be my last purchase. I am leaning towards the Seleco ht 300. But if the 2 chip design is out within the next 6 months then I would wait to see if it is really as great as it is suppose to be.


Larry Kosova
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