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Hi all, on this forum, I have read a few posts comparing the newest denon receivers and the newest onkyo receivers...and others. I was hoping to get a few other's opinions on the matter.

My ONLY concern is home theater....i.e. no music, no 2 channel anything, no CDs, no SACD or DVD-Audio. Only DVD movies, HD-DVD movies, and Blue Ray.

I have SERIOUSLY avoided a receiver upgrade for what I think might be 6 or 7 years!!! I have a Denon 5700 5.1 receiver...years ago, this was a Denon flagship (replaced by the 5800, then the 5803, then the 5805, and who knows what else in between). It started in an appartment, but for the past 3 years, has served well in a dedicated media room I helped plan out when building the house. I even had the room wired for 7.1, and the latest video connections (HDMI) thinking towards the future.

Now that I have gone in head first into HD-DVD & Blue Ray, I think its finally time to upgrade with the latest models introduced. Finally I would like to move to 7.1!!! Also take advantage of HDMI switching (currently going direct from player to projector, and an out-board component switcher for the others as the 5700 can't even do HD via component!). HDMI 1.3, Dolby True, DTS master, yada yada yada....I'd like to have it!

So, considering I have had my Denon for so long, and no first hand experience with any Onkyo products...was curious if others might have compared say the 4308 & the 857 / 905 (these two Onkyos seem to be about the same minus network capabilities). Is the sound quality of the Onkyo on par with Denon (again JUST home theater in mind)? Is Onkyo in the same ball park as Denon as far as HT sound quality? heck, maybe some think they are better. They are much cheaper...not sure why?

Obviously best answer is....try them your self. And I certainly will! But, considering I won't be able to think about doing that for a month or so now (too many other projects right now), was just curious if anyone else had done any similar comparisons.

Thanks to all for any opinions on the matter!
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