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comparision between Aperion PT and Axiom M60?

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Has anyone heard of these speakers? And what is your opion?

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Hi Michael, sorry for the late response, have been away for some time. Anyway, can't comment on Aperion, but I will say that I've owned Axioms now for about 6 months and I am 200% happy with my selection. I auditioned many brands: Klipsch, NHT, B&W, and Paradigm. Axiom has a forum also, and I found a person that let me audition in their home. I was sold within 10 minutes. Not sure where you live in VA, but if you go to Axioms website forum, they list people that are willing to audition Axioms.

good luck

Axiom M60's VP150 EP350 4-Qs8's

Denon 2805

You'd definitely save some money with the Axioms. I haven't listened to them, so I can't comment on their sound or quality.

One advantage, I would think, of the Aperions over the Axioms is the addition of two 8" powered-subwoofers with independant level adjustment, albeit, you pay for it.

I own the Powered Towers and am extremely happy with their build quality and performance.

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sirquack, thanks for the comments. I'll take a look

Suprfly2k, how do you like the mid/high on PT? My friend has this PT. I agree that PT 's low end is great, probably due to the dual power subwoofer. But to me, the mid/high is some sort of dull ...not sure. I'm considering PT on my list, but i don't like the idea of more power cord coming from speaker.
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