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Better App interface? Sony or Samsung

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I'm about to pull the trigger on something like the Samsung un55d7000 (maybe the 8000) or a comparable Sony (I haven't done a ton of research yet on the Sonys).

My question isn't so much about which has a superior display, but how the interface and interaction is of the Apps/SmartTv, primarily Hulu Plus and Netflix. Everytime I go into a showroom, some might have internet connection, but none have a subscription.

I'm curious to hear experience with either sony's interface or samsungs specifically related to those apps and how they perform. Also, I havn't heard a lot about how frequently these apps are updated, so it would be interesting to hear how that process goes too.

These features aren't the defining factor for making a decision on which TV/brand, but important enough to me to weigh on the final choice.

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