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Can the experts please provide the feedback:

(I am looking for 5 in-ceiling speakers)

1. Speakercraft AIM8 TWO

2. Klipsch 2650-C

3. Episode ES-500-POINT


Room size: 20x18ft (single story)

Uses: 50% movies, 40% music, 10% gaming

Listening habits: While watching movies wont really blast it but would like to have great sound from action scenes/explosions. While listening to music, I like to listen to it loud.

(copied the description from existing post as it pretty much matches my budget)


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I wouldn't use any of them for a 5.1 in ceiling system. Maybe for the surrounds but the front 3 need to be aiming at you for good sound. Even the ones most companies market as LCRs only tilt about 15 degrees which is still aiming down too much unless you are practically sitting under them. You should look at in ceiling speakers that are angles at ~45-60 degrees. Some examples would be.

Episode ES-HT700-ICLCR-5

Triad - Many of their in ceiling models

Speakercraft Time

Snell - some good closeout deals

Infinity - ERS-610

for surrounds I'd probably use a dual tweeter design instead of a basic ceiling speaker. It would allow more envelopment.

PS. for anything but casual music listening you might not like in ceiling speakers.
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