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compatible...paradigm mini monitors

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i'm trying to decide between paradigm mini monitors and b&w 685's as my front channel speakers (mains) used in my h/t system. as i read the spec sheet on the paradigm's, it says the mini monitors are "compatible with 8 ohms". what does that mean......in real simple terms??? b&w 685'S are 8 ohms and i'm struggling to decide the type of a/v receiver best for my setup that i am soon to purchase.

any thoughts on the mini-monitors vs. b&w 685's. i'll be listening to 75% music and the rest movies. if i go with the paradigm...i'll probably buy the 190 center speaker and some in-ceilings along with paradigm sub. if i do the b&w's, i'll do all b&w speakers (including the htm61 center, 610 sub, and ccm50's in the ceiling). my receiver choice is tentatively the pioneer vsx1019.

again, your thoughts are appreciated.
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Hey boobtube. I've actually just auditioned both those speakers in the last 2 weeks. I really love of the 685, but due to budget constraints, I'm deciding on either the Mini or possibly the Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 or 9.2 or Evo2-10 (see my current post on this topic). I'm not sure if you've listened to the Mini or the 685, but they both sound really good to me. They both have very nice bass, but not too much that it overpowers. I'm not really an expert on these things, so I'll let the others give you more technical advise. I listened to a rock and jazz cd on the 685, and mostly live jazz on the mini, since I didn't bring my own, at diff. stores. Like you, I'm mostly into music, then movie. Like others would tell you, listen to them both extensively, then decide. There's about a $200 difference on these speakers, which perhaps you already knew. By the way, I have the Pioneer 1018 receiver, which would do fine with either speaker. Although, I wouldn't get the subwoofer from either paradigm or b&w, even though, I've read good reviews on the b&w sub. I'm sure you could find a better one from a company that specializes in subs.
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buck, thanks for the opinion on the 1018...or 19. seems at that price point, they are as good or better than anything else.

i'm still struggling with this "compatible with 8 ohms" statement in the paradigm mini monitor spec sheet. what are they hiding?

yep, i've auditioned both the paradigm (mini's) and the b&w 685's. i have not been able to audition them 'side by side'. admittedly, the paradigm's sound good. when i compared/auditioned them against klipsch bookshelves (similar size), i was much more pleased with the paradigm's.

when i auditioned the b&w's, i didn't have the paradigm's beside them to make a comparison. yes, the b/w's sound good...real good. but, i think they were being driven by a rotel amp.....so, not a fair trial. nevertheless, i thought the b/w's were noticeably better/clearer/cleaner....but didn't seem (as best my ear could recall) to have the bass response of the paradigm's.
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