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Hello all,

   I have been stalking these forums for the past few months using all the info to select a good 5.1 system to set up in my apartment. I am currently working a deal for an older, but working, Denon AVR 2312CI 7.2 but could not decide on a speaker setup.

   I read through all the reviews and suggestions about the Energy Takes, the Polk RM6750, Jamo A340, and Martin Logan MLT-2. I also looked at going bookshelf with the Polk Studio series, but realized that bookshelf are too big for my little 10'x12' living room. I believe I have settled on the JBL CS6100BG for $299.99 on Amazon but read on this forum that they lack mid-range for music.

   Now the system will be connected to my Xbox One and will be mostly used for gaming, movies, and football games but I do like to have background music when I fold clothing or sketch. I am an avid acoustic guitar and folk/jam music fan and want to get a decent system to hear both the "pings" and "thumps" without it being too muddy. 

    If I can get this 7.2 receiver, would I be able to attach another sub to assist with the musical range of the system or would I have to basically get a 2.1 system and hook it in along with the JBL? I would also accept suggestions for a component built system that stays close to the smaller size of a HTIB.


P.S. I decided on the JBL because I do have a rather small place and they are, from what I could see, the best balance of looks, performance, and size for my $350 budget.


P.S.S. This is an example of what I mean by acoustic with pings and thumps. My most favorite song of all time, Ocean by John Butler:     
       It is 12 minutes long but will blow your mind.


Thank you for your time!


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