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Hello all, I am a new member of the AVS Forums and I thought I would ask the experts as to what is suggested for a 5.1 (or possible 7.1) system.

Currently, we have an older Onkyo HT-3100 that we got 2 years ago on sale. It's missing HDMI connections and the sound is well, mediocre. We mainly use our system for video games and watching movies (Currently we are using the optical link out from the PS3 to get the 5.1, hence missing the DTS-HD/Dolby TrueHD). I am looking for a complete system, receiver + speakers, for under 1000$ (my wife has made it clear that I can't spend more than 1000$). It is possible that I can convince her to buy an extra pair of speakers for the 7.1 system in the future, but right now we are looking for a 5.1 system.

I looked at the "HTIB Alternative page" but the post looked dated, especially in the receiver section.

After discovering "BIC America" speakers in this forum, I checked them out on Amazon and it's incredible how they can pack such quality at a low price. After a little browsing, my initial build idea is as follows:

Receiver: Pioneer VSX-1020

Center : BIC DV-62CLRS

Left/Right : BIC DV64

Surround : BIC DV62si

Subwoofer : BIC V-1220 ( I love the F12, but this one brought me under 1000$. If the F12 is substantially better than the V-1220, I may be able to convince the wife)

Total : 985$ at Amazon

Anyway, what do you guys think? I know there are tons of speaker manufacturers that I am not aware of (found out about BIC not too long ago) so I am interested to see what can be done for
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