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I'm building a separate home theater room (about 27m2 in size) and I'm considering buying a used Barco 801/808 or a similar projector for the big screen (2.5-3.0m wide). Now, I've read through dozens of different threads in this forum about connecting different kinds of devices to the projector but there are still some issues hanging in the air.

First of all, I plan to have at least following source devices:

1. Progressive DVD player (not HTPC) with RGB output (PAL & NTSC)

2. HTPC for playing games and perhaps for some other stuff like TV(?)

3. Game console (GameCube/PS2/XBOX) with RGB or S-video

4. VCR with composite

Now, my understanding is that, for example, Barco 808 has (in practice) two separate RGB inputs that I can use, but I have three RGB sources.

Another problem is handling different aspect ratios and anamorphic when Barco has only two memory settings for input/freq. I'll have a 16:9 screen and would like to be able to show full-screen anamorphic 16:9, full-screen non-anamorphic 16:9 and partial screen 4:3. Anamorphic vs. non-ana is easy but how to handle the scaling of non-ana 16:9 to fit the screen?

With so many progressive sources, I wonder if a line-doubler is really necessary? Do console games benefit from line-doubling? I don't plan to use the VCR that much, and if I use the PC for TV, it'll handle the scaling.

Also some posts indicate that PC graphics cards may not provide enough voltage to drive the Barco, which means an external amplifier is required. I was wondering if an RGB switcher with amplifier and some aspect ratio control would do all the tricks I need, as stated above?

If any of you have similar setups operational, I would be really happy to hear about your experiences! I haven't started building the theater yet, so all suggestions are welcome on how to solve these problems.

- Otto

p.s. As I live in Finland, it would be nice if the devices you suggest were available in Europe :)
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