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I'm trying to send the signal from the component video/digital audio outs on my DirecTV HR21 (in the bedroom) to the A/V system in the great room. The setup is

DirecTV HD21 Component out, coax digital audio out

-->> Intelix AVO-V3AD balun

-->> Cat5 run 75' - single factory cable

-->> Intelix AVO-V3Ad

-->> Yamaha VS-X 3800 component in, digital audio in

-->> HDFury (no HDMI inputs on the monitor)

-->> Fujitsu 5003 plasma monitor

A local DirecTV over hdmi and a DVD over hdmi both go through the Yamaha and work work fine on the Fujitsu.

When I select the remote DirecTV, I get the picture flashing on and off if the source signal is 480i. Any higher resolution being sent and I get nothing. The specs for the Intelix say I should be able to go 500' with 1080i and digital audio.


A little more information: The DirecTV in question is hooked up HDMI to a local TV in the bedroom. If that TV is off, the picture on the remote TV in the great room is perfect. There's no sound at all. If I look at the Yamaha GUI, it gives you info about the current input signals. It shows 1080i for the video and ??? for the audio.

I'll move over the a DirecTV forum, since there is apparently a conflict when you try and use HDMI and component out simultaniously.

Thanks anyway.
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