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Component input no longer works on HT200DM

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I've had my new Seleco HT200DM DLP projector for a month now. At first I had some problems with it -- when I brought it out of standby mode it would occasionally display a screen of vertical blue bars and be unresponsive until I put it back into standby mode -- but I haven't seen those problems for the past week or two.

I'm having a different problem with it now. It works just fine with S-Video input, but as soon as I tell it to display component video input (input #4), it displays a black screen with a green bar at the bottom.

This happens whether its component video inputs are connected to my Playstation 2, or not connected to anything at all. It completely ignores the component video signal, and displays the black screen with the green bar -- it doesn't even say 'No Signal'.

Has anyone seen anything like this before? Is my projector defective? (If so, how do I contact Seleco in the USA for service?)
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I would immediately contact the dealer you bought the unit from and report the problems you're experiencing.

I would then ask to have it exchanged for a new one as I don't see why you should wait for repairs being made since the unit is brand new. There aren't any excuses for those problems, and you shouldn't be made to suffer for them. My .2 cents...


You may have already tried this, but turn the projector of using the on/off switch on the back. Leave it off for 15 minutes. Before you turn it back on, make sure your DVD player or Playstation 2 is on and outputting a signal (ie DVD or Game). Turn the PJ back on and then use the AUTO switch on the remote.

If this is no good, a service call would be in order.

I haven't had the problem you described, but because I use both NTSC and PAL Dvd's I once had a Pal DVD that caused a synching problem. I needed to do this to fix it. So it might help.

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Thank you very much for your suggestions!

Turning the unit off via its power switch didn't solve the problem, but as a last-ditch effort I decided to reset the projector to its factory defaults (via the on-screen menu option). This successfully got the projector to 'un-stick' its component input; now it properly displays the signal from my PS2, and properly says 'No Signal' when there's no input, rather than displaying the same garbage in both cases. I went through all the menus and set all the options back to what I had them, and it still seems to work... but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I haven't yet been able to consistently reproduce the player's garbage displays. If they keep happening, I'll make sure the dealer swaps this projector for a new unit. Thanks again!
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