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I now have both a Dish 6000 and a couple of Panasonic HD tuners and both an LT-150 and a G15 to play with so I belive I have identified this problem and where its coming from. Now how do I resolve it?

The issue is, when I switch component inputs on either projector from one source to another the picture changes SUBSTANTIALLY! The component input from my 6000 looks one way as far as saturation, highlights, meaning the brightest portion of the picture, and detail on both projectors and when I switch in this case to EITHER ONE of my Panasonic tuners the picture looks bad comparatively showing a bit of smearing, VERY saturated colors, and what can best be called a blooming of the whites.

This seems to be caused by one signal to be "hotter" than the other and apparently many projectors have the same problem according to my conversations with other forum members.

Now, I don't feel like buying some elaborate piece of gear that basically has a pot affair on each line if they were even made that way nor do I want the signal "messed with" prior to it getting to that stage.

Does anyone have an idea who might make a simple unit that can be placed on each source to adjust the output without introducing all sorts of problems or does anyone have any ideas about a Rube Goldberg affair that will answer this problem? This most likely might be best done via a pot or something on each of the R B and G lines.

I'm simply afraid of how this could fool with the resolution as I am hardly an electronics expert.

Ideas or a solution?

Thanks Much!

I will be crossposting this on other forum sections hoping a KBK has a brilliant and hopefully quick and dirty fix.




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