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Component Rack

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Does anybody know a good place, on the Internet or in the Detroit area, to purchase a component rack.
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Have you tried www.Crutchfield.com
I'm looking for a rack system that is made to be built into a closet.
Try this:


There was also a post up here a while ago (can't recall who it was) but he built an HT in his former garage space. The guy was in Arizona somewhere and built a really cool equipment rack on a swivel base in a closet. It included a venting system, too.

Perhaps someone can help fill in the blanks. Sorry for the bad memory. Maybe I shoud sue the beer companies for all that consumption I did while in college :D


- Ed.
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 www.Smarthome.com has a hot deal now running on some Middle Atlantic racks. Their prices are better than I have seen anywhere else.

I got a RACAL - ????? rack I just pulled out of my house and put in the garage....

it is a big monster but it does have 2 pull out shelves and a few fixed shelves long with a monster power strip .....

if you are interested msg me ..... it will go cheap

and I am not that far from you ....dearborn area

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Thank you for all the suggestions. Sandbagger, I sent you a PM.
BUMP...For Sandbagger.
sorry...... was way swamped all weekend........

didnt forget about you

I didnt have a digi cam but I just finaly ordered one fuji s602z so I will be able to post/email you a pic tomarow tue after I get the camera.

Hey, thanks a lot. I look forward to seeing them. Can you give me a rough idea of the dimensions? how much are you looking to get for it?
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