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component + stereo audio over cat5 w/ passive baluns?

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I am thinking about getting a pair of 4 x rca to cat5 passive baluns so I can distribute one s-video (with the help of a s-video to two rca Y/C splitter adapter) and one stereo audio.

I know they specifically make svideo+stereo balums, but I thought 4 x rca would be more flexible, since I could upgrade to component + digital audio later.

When searching for a balun to buy (svideo.com keeps coming up on top of results), I tried ebay and spied some crazy creations. I see a passive balum that does component + stereo audio. With cat5's four pairs, I would have assumed three pairs were for Y,Pb,Pr and the remaining pair is only good for digital audio or mono analog audio. I have seen powered balums that do the same thing but a passive one seems suspicious. I suspect it cheats by having the video and audio share the same grounding wires, but I'm no expert on the science of AV wiring. Should I stay clear of this and perhaps other products from the same seller?

Are passive baluns pretty simple in design and basically the same from all manufacturers? On s-video.com, they have different part numbers for balums that do component+digital_audio and component+mono_analog_audio and I'm guessing the insides are all the same. If so, then should I just shop by price or do the pricier ones like from intelix really matter? On ebay, a pair of 4xrca baluns cost $60 while some single baluns cost the same or more.

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