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(Reposted from HDTV Technical - It was suggested that this would be a better area)

Hi everyone...

Just recently purchased a Yamaha HTR-6260 Receiver, and am attempting to have the component signal from my Xbox 360 output to the TV through the HDMI Out port.

(Hopefully I'm not being too vague or confusing here... I'm very new to the hands on aspects of the home theater world.)

Ok, so. The Xbox 360 is connected properly (according to the manual). It's using Component for video, and regular audio (Red/White). Component cables are connected into the AV1 set of ports, and the Audio is plugged into Audio1. I've gone into the options menu for Audio1 in order to tie it to the Video source plugged into AV1. I believe this is a feature set specifically for if you do not have an Optical or Coax cable for audio.

So far so good?

Apparently this unit is supposed to be able to convert that Component signal, and "simply" send it through the HDMI Out, to the HDTV. So, I've connected the TV of course to the HDMI Out.

Not getting any video however. Any ideas? I've been through the manual several times over trying to see if maybe there is some other kind of configuration in the options menu I have to set. So far I haven't come across anything that works.

I suppose I could just pick up a set of component cables and run them out to the TV? Was just thinking/hoping that the HDMI would be a bit more of an elegant and less cluttered solution.

Anyways, I've rambled enough, sorry everyone. Any help or tips would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

~Some extra info:

The Xbox will not accept HDMI, it's one of the older versions before they started including it on all of the models.

Xbox is running at "1080p" (I'm think with the 360 they say 1080p, but its really in 1080i)

There appears to be an Optical port on the back of part of the Xbox adapter. So, I could presumably go that route for audio, forgo the HDMI, and use Component for the Video. But again, that is hopefully option 2 if it is indeed possible to connect through the HDMI.
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