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Component to HDMI switcher...does this exist?

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Hello everyone.

I am about to purchase a plasma and I will be using an HD Tivo that has an HDMI and my Pioneer Elite DV47-AVi DVD that does not. My question is does a video switcher exist that can I can hook up my Pioneer via component to the switcher and it will up convert if you will to HDMI and I can also hook up my HD tivo to it as well so I only have one HDMI cable feeding the plasma?
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Bump pleae....anyone?
Not yet that I'm aware of, but there are few in the works.
Sounds like you need an HDMI switcher + a component upconverter.

Most scalers around here will do this but with HDCP/DVI - i.e., you can do it, but you'll need HDMI to DVI cable from your HD TIVO going to the scaler.
So given the fact I am mainly interested in the scalers switching ability and I want a simple set it and forget it type set-up which scaler would this forum recommend?
I think they'll all be good.

They'll be all good for you. I think you're looking for the cheapest units out there. I think the iScan HD (try to look for a second hand unit) and Lumagen DVI will probably be the best suited. You can also use the Plasma enhancer from Pixel Magic.
Kei what do you think, I believe you have the Pioneer Elite Plasma I am looking at, which scaler do you have are would you purchase in my situation?
Since HDMI can handle 480i on up with a native component colorspace, you may be able to get away with just a transcoder---i.e., you don't necessarily need an upconverter if you're satisifed with your Plasma's internal scaling. As Kei stated, no such beast exists yet---but when it does arrive, it may be cheaper than a full-fledged deinterlacer/scaler/transcoder.

EDIT: Here's another option: sell your 49Avi on Audiogon or Videogon, pick up an HDMI-capable DVD player such as the Denon DVD-3910, and then grab this HDMI switch


for $229. Depending on the scaler you are considering this could be a cheaper option.
I certainly have thought about upgrading my DVD player. The Pioneer Elite 59-AVi is the one I am using in my main system and would make the most sense for this system as well. It is a universal player with HDMI and i-link and it it a great match to my 55-TXi receiver but just a bit pricey. Certainly an option however. I presume the scaler in the Pioneer Elite HD-1110 is just fine so that is not an issue.

To sell my 47-avi buy a 59-avi and get a 2x1 hdmi switcher would be about an 800.00 proposition. So the real question is, can a stand pat on equipment and purchase a scaler that will give me performance advantages and a the one cable install to the plasma monitor I am looking for?

That is what this boils down to in my view, your thoughts?
Anyone with a good answer to my last question of an 800.00 budget?
I have decided to go with a scaler to help with the SD portion of the equation, but now which one in the sub 1000.00 range. Anyone have a suggestion for me?
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