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component -> vga conversion

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I have a dillema, with a potential solution.

I need a video transcoder that can convert 480i component signals to progressive singals outputted to VGA, in a low enough delay that I can still play a video game :)

I'm looking to play PS2 games (specifically GT4 which is 480i) on my nice CRT, where I play all of my games. Since I'm going to be dropping some coin to get this type of stuff on my monitor, it might as well be able to do other things too with its component transcoding.

Herein lies the problem, my solutions are very limited, the only thing I can see that takes component inputs and can output it over VGA seems to be a viewsonic N6, but theres a catch.

The catch is that it internally scales all the HDTV resolutions to 1280x1024, and apparantly not very well. Its reviews all state that it gives it a blue push on everything. This is most definately not good.

I see viewsonic has a new product, the HD10 and HD12 series, but there are literally no reviews for it yet. The HD12 spec page kind of makes it look like it has VGA output, but its hard to say. With no reviews it makes me very wary at dropping that much cash for something that seems so simple.

So tell me, are there any other options that I'm missing?
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I have no idea why you think the N6 is the only thing that takes in component and outputs VGA...

any line doubler and scaler can do that today.

You can get an iScan Ultra, Iscan Pro (or any scaler) and it will do the job. Latency is typically 1-1.5 frames (50ms or less).
True, that does seem to be the entry level product that will do everything I want it to. However, I should have mentioned I was trying to do this with a budget of $400. The IScan is quite out of that range. However if you know someone with an IScan HD that will sell it for $400 I would be on that in a jiffy :)
ISCAN Ultra can be had for your budget. Check online
as can the very similar and nice, easy to use Iscan Pro. works great with my CRT, ps2 (and dreamcast) go thru it very nicely. I only play racing or twitch games - never thought of using "latency" as an excuse. That MUST be why I haven't completed Wipeout Fusion yet..
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