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Component Video Cables?

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If this is in the wrong place, mods, please move.

I want to know what the best kind of cable is for component video.


- Trip
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Complete terminated sets or raw cable?

For the bucks use “Belden 1694aâ€. Take a look at Rhino Cables they use this cable in their Professional Series. Their service and cost are excellent. The URL for Rhino Cables follows:

They may cost a little more but for my money these are the

very best video cables available today. I use bettercables and

have never been dissapointed. I used other high priced cables and the difference in performance between the bettercables and the so called high performance cables was astonishing. Every time I order one of their cables I moan about the price but when I get it and hook it up, I smile and have to say you really do get what you pay for.
Below is my opinion based on a lot of reading from the forum and from my personal experience:

Belden 1694A is widely acknowledged to be one of the best RG-6 video cables made. It has the best specs I know of. It is way overkill and greatly exceeds the demands of Component Video, and the price is much cheaper than boutique cables. I found the cost to be so reasonable that it didn't make sense to buy a lesser cable, and the performance level so high that it was a waste of money to pay for a more expensive cable (that can't meet the specs of 1694A anyways).

With these cables you can rest assured that your cables are not going to be the limiting factor in your video chain. You can't do any better than this regardless of price.

You can find cables made from Belden 1694A at a number of places. I can personnaly recommend www.bluejeanscable.com. Prices are very reasonable and service is great.

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Or if you are into it, buy a canare crimping tool and connectors and the belden and make your own. Same price first time, cheaper thereafter.

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