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Hello, I just bought my first lcd screen a Samsung LN32A450 ( Model Code: LN32A450C1XZV, Version: SQ01), I was very existed to see my dvd collection at 480p, so i bought some component cables. My dvd player its a sony dvp-ns50p.

Anyway, I activated the progressive scan feature on the dvd player, and the video doesn't look great at all, also with a lot of grain (I'm using original dvd's), even if i set the progressive scan off/on the picture is the same.

I connected the dvd player s-video, and it looks better!. I tried both Components ports on the tv, but it is the same.

Does anyone know what might be happening ?, or what i am doing wrong?.

Incompatibilities with the dvd-player?

I ordered the component video cables for my wii, If they work ok at least i know its not the tv!

Thanks in advance.
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