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Component Video Switch?

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I found this component video switch on eBay. Does anyone know if it would work well?


(My link above wasn't working well, so I split it into multiple lines)...

I only have one HDTV component video input on my TV, so this is about the only way I can get multiple HD inputs... It says it supports HDTV... I only need it to do video (not audio), and 2 inputs is good enough.

Are there better recommendations? Most of the ones I've seen online are around $150 or so. There was also one at MicroCenter for $80 (but it was for many different devices, RCA, S-Video)... I'd like to keep the cost low if possible. Also, this will only be used until this summer at which point I plan to buy a new TV (Samsung 1080P model :)

On a side note, does anyone know which retailers carry the ATI DVI -> Component video adapter, or do I have to get it from ATI?

One more thing - will that ATI adapter work with NVIDIA cards if I chose to switch later? Just curious... Thanks in advance,

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Oh, I just found this one that may also be a good choice (2 links to the same product on different sites):

Anyone tried this as a HD component video switch? I also was reading in this forum that many have used regular RCA AV switches successfully:

Thoughts? I think I'll try the Pelican one from NewEgg. TTYL,



I found many more listed here:

and here's another option (mixed user reviews though):

Supposedly there's also one at BestBuy (or was awhile back) for only $30 that also had a remote...
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I bought a $6 AV switch like this, works great for component as it's just bypassing the selected signal.
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