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Hey guys,

I'm finally in a position to start building a home theater system. Up until now, I've pretty much just used a TV connected directly to a cable source, with the addition a couple years ago of a TIVO. (I've never used a receiver, or a cable box, or even speakers apart from those in the TV.)

But I'd like to start putting it all together, with a receiver, and speakers, and some kind of home media server. I tried to make a little picture to show what I was thinking:

(Sorry for the lack of a link, but the forum won't let me post links yet.)

I'd welcome any thoughts or ideas. I'd like to be able to record TV via DVR, stream video from the network, and stream video from the internet (netflix or Hulu or whatever). I think probably some of the boxes on that diagram could be merged with some device that can do double duty, but I haven't gotten that far yet in the planning.

thanks in advance!

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That is a similar setup to mine except my HTPC is also my media server and blueray player. I also record OTA HDTV on it but I have my HD Sat box also setup like you do in the diagram.

I have

7.1 speakers

Denon AVR-788

Mitsubishi 1600 projector

HTPC: Phenom 9600 4gb DDR2 800 2.5TB Radeon 4350(7.1 PCM for lossless Audio from BlueRay)Blue Ray Drive, HD-DVD drive, Analog TV Tuner, Digital TV Tuner.

Dishnetwork VIP222k

Xbox 360
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