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componet switching bandwidth on onkyo 787

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Hello all;

I wanted to find out the switching bandwidth on TX-DS787- it has 2 in and one out and the specs on the frequency/bandwidth is not listed on the manual.

I "may" have a single compnet input TV and I wanted to use the receiver to switch between HDTV reciver and DVD player.

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I believe it's 45MHz...I'm pretty sure that is sufficient for 1080i.
Thanks Sean;

I called onkyo-the lady didnt know what I was talking about but then she suddenly said 1080i and I asked again and she said 50Mhz.

I asked her about the higer end receivers and she agian said 50Mhz...which confused me because I was under the impression that the higer end reveivers 989 may have higher bandwidth
I do not believe any more than 50MHz is necessary for 1080i. I used to have all the math for the different scanning rates but I've forgotten it all :( Sorry! hehe
According to ONKYO the switching is HDTV capable....so it must be 50MHz or more..
The minimun requirement to pass HD is 37.5Mhz.
What is this switching thing? When would you use it? How do you hook it up? Why would you use this? I have an Onkyo TX-SR700 and I have no idea what you guys are talking about. Please fill me in..

I have two component video sources: HDTV receiver and DVD player. My projector has only one component video input. I use my receiver to switch between the two sources.
Um... doesent 720P require more bandwidth than 1080i???

(yes, almost 40% more)

So I think 37.5 MHz is not quite enough, and dunna understand how so many manufacturers are getting away with it... this issue is definitely pushing me towards the Onkyo line. I wonder how much the s-vhs switching is compramised too? My old Yamaha even pinches composite video a bit... but it is circa '88. I dont look forward to the drop in audio quality tho.
doesent 720P require more bandwidth than 1080i???
Yes but that is why I was refering to 1080i, like Sean.
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