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Didn't know quite how to title this question because it is fairly complex.

I have a Fuji V10 digital camera which I use for the bulk of my home videos because it is so compact. My understanding is that the clips it takes (in .avi files)

produce an image with a resolution of about 250 lines. I regularly make my own DVDs of these. I play them on a Sony upconversion DVD player connected to the AX100U via the HDMI input and they look very good, not as good as commercial DVDs of course, but good nevertheless.

When I use the composite video input, or the S-video input to the AX100U,

and output from my old 8mm camcorder, the results are poor. They are poor with the S-video output from my DirecTv satellite receiver (not high def) or the S-video output from my old Panasonic laser disc player. I think the camcorder resolution is about 250 lines as well, and the LD player is 400.

My first question is this: Could the qualityof the 8mm and laserdiscs be improved by conversion to HDMI, and, if so, what stand-alone units can do that successfully? I have seen one reviewed, and it was deemed a dismal failure.

In today's digital world, I'm reluctant to repeat an old adage, but I will: "Garbage in, garbage out." I can understand how digitizing a bad analog signal can do things like remove unwanted noise, but how can it make a blurry image clear when the blur is caused by absence of information? Or is it simply a matter of some form of advanced interpolation that I don't understand?

Sorry to be so naive about this, but my sense of logic fails me. Hopefully someone can educate me (though please use a "Popular Science" and not a "Scientific American" approach.)

Thank you for your help!

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