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I'm sarting to think about setting up computer/hard drive music server with both Mac's and PC's (not nec. on the same network or in the same house). DVD quality video would be nice too though not the 1st priority and hard to imagine I could do that wirelessly.

What I would like to have is the digital audio out (spdif) from the server, get to the processor or DAC wirelessly. I could and would set it up wired with coax if I have to. Just figured there is a wireless solution out there. I searched on wireless music server and didn't find a promising lead (though I might have missed something)

Macs are all bundled with spdif (optical) audio out now. They also have a new airport extreme that you can easily usb a hard drive to, to share on the network. That should mean I could get from remote shared drive to all my computers wirelessly if I wanted to. I would love to have my laptop on the coffee table and get the audio out from there to my processor. I def. want my processor & DAC to do the D-A conversion, not the computer. Suggestions anyone? Low end DIY to high end off-the-shelf considered. I've been off the bleeding edge since finishing my theater a few years ago so thought I'd come back to the forum to see what people are doing.

thanks - bd
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