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hello AVS friends,


I m new(noob - in our gaming language) to this Audio Video things.but i would like to know what machine(computer) config i need for passive 3d projection system mainly processor and board, also graphic card.


And also what is necessary for for 3d projection.

  •  powerful processor and motherboard, or graphic card?.
  •  should i use splitter to give 2 outputs to projectors or i should use graphic card which has 2 independent DVI outputs
  •  if i m mistaken can any 1 suggest me what config i need or any substitute system which is not consist of Computer,and works      fine.(main question is do I need computer?)
  •  what is necessary output resolution for passive 3d projection?
  •  what is stitching in passive 3d,and recommended software.


Sorry to all for my noobish questions but i think i will have great answers for this,.And also more recommendations about system.


thanks in advance. 
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