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I tried doing some searching, but I couldn't find exactly what I want to achieve.

First some background. I recently purchased an Aiport Express to stream music into my bedroom for listening before I fall asleep. 90% of the time, that is all I will do and I keep them at a pretty low volume, so quality isn't a that big of an issue. Occasionally I'd like to turn the speakers up if I'm cleaning or something though, so if they sound decent I'll be happy. I currently have a 2.1 setup with 1 speaker on each night stand and the subwoofer to the side of one night stand.

I recently purchased the Logitech Z313s from Amazon:

These speakers sound good, but there is no volume control for the subwoofer and it is way too loud with the music at a low volume and it isn't exactly soothing me to sleep.

Here is what I'm looking for:

- Desktop speakers or similar

- 2.1, the subwoofer must have separate volume control

- Speakers that plug into each other, so that I can use an extension to put one on each night stand (queen sized bed)

- The speakers can't be too tall because of how the night stand is setup

- $50~ price range

In all honesty, I might not even need a subwoofer, but I figured it would be nice to have for the times that I'd like to turn the volume up.

For reference this is what my bed looks like w/ the nightstands:

(not an exact photo of mine, but you get an idea, I have lamps on each side similar to that picture).

If anyone could point me towards a set of speakers that meet my needs I would greatly appreciate it. I went to Best Buy to see if any of the systems had detachable speakers and the Logtech's above are the only ones that did.

Thanks in advance!
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