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Computer Theater Setup help?!

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Here's the deal. I want to have four point surround through my computer's sound card and I have two front computer speakers that work fine, but I had two rear computer speakers but I blew them out. I then decided to attach two extra speakers to my receiver and run an extension from the rear output of my soundcard to the receiver and have rear sound out of those speakers, but there is a loud humming noise, very, very loud! whenever I have the computer on and those speakers on. My friend said that it was interference from my computer's power source and you cant get rid of it unless you buy an new system like the Cambridge DTT3500 or Four Point Surround systems or other computer speakers. I have tried different wires and connector and still the same humming noise. Is there any way to get rid of this buzzing, humming when running sound from my sound card to my Sony receiver? Also the same thing happens when I run my dreamcast through my receiver with the VGA adapter only the humming sound is much less but nonetheless still there!!! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Hum is usually caused by having different grounds.

You might try plugging the computer into the same outlet with your audio equipment.

Another common culprit is CATV cable. Try disconnecting your incoming cable TV connection while using the computer. If that's the problem, you may need to get a cable isolation device.
I tried that and there was no difference in the humming. My tv is nowhere near my computer so I don't know what else to do.
How close is your power cables to you speaker runs? I hope you don't have them running in parallel. (both speaker and power).
I don't have my power cables and outlet anywhere near the speaker wire. I think the humming is from the power source on my comp. the hookup are close on the back of my receiver but not enough to make anymore interference.
With a computer-to-HT component system, hum can also be introduced by connecting a line level input or output to a "headphone-level" output or input. In other words, if the input and output levels are severely mismatched, trying to set the gain so the sound is audible can result in hum. Your current sound card's output may not be designed for component system use, but rather headphone use (or the equivalent in "computer speakers"). The "solution" is to make sure the inputs and outputs are of the same type, which may mean getting a different sound card with true line level outs.

Also I've found that some inexpensive "format-mender" adaptors (such as mini-plug to RCA-plug) are cheaply made and introduce hum. But you've tried different connectors, so that probably isn't it.

Or maybe the system just needs to learn the words... (so it doesn't need to hum along). :>) (Sorry, couldn't resist that old joke...) :>)

Thanks Burke, but I've tried Gold Plated adaptors and nothing seems to work. Still the stupid Hum. On my Dreamcast running through the receiver it isn't nearly as bad, audible but barely. These things are all cheaply made and mass produced, so I guess unless I make circuit boards myself I will always have problems with my products.
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