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Computer video/audio out to composite monitor cable?

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 Computer video/audio out to composite monitor cable

Would like a cable like this but with s-video and 3.5mm stereo at one end and s-video dual rca audio at the other. Anyone know if there is anything about like that?

If not, since these are actually only $7 and $8 respectively for the 6 and 9 ft versions on the MCM website, what do you reckon my chances are that they've actually used 4 conductor s-video cable? If it's likely, I could easily replace the rca video connector at the one end for a decent s-video connector for about half the amount again. Total cost around $12.

Oh, and I know I could replicate what I want with an adapter or two, but I'd rather use a single run of cabling if at all possible.
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Convert the analog audio and video signal from your PC or Notebook to a format that can be displayed or recorded to your TV/VCR.

These cables don't do any 'format' conversion.

The twisted pair, oxygen free coaxial copper construction provides the ideal media for converting your video signal with minimal degradation to signal quality.

Twisted pair coax, is an impossibility...and again, no conversion takes place.

The cable has a thick, but flexible 7.00mm outer diameter (21.0mm total) for quality that you can see and feel.

Wow, it has thick insulation...big deal.

The SLP series cables has been engineered with a dual EMI/RFI shielding technology,

In order to provide any electromagnetic shielding, the cable would have to be wrapped with mu-metal...driving the price up to hundreds of dollars...unless this manufacturer is just making stuff up.

I'd buy elsewhere, these guys think their customers are idiots.
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Found a Monster Cable version thru Crutchfield. Thanks.
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