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Computers for editing and rendering 8K

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We started some off-topic discussions elsewhere, but rather than continue to hijack other threads let's give it it's own and see if there is interest.

Note I didn't title this as a PC build topic because I want it to be inclusive of Apple products as well. Please don't troll, okay to include laptops, notebooks, tablets and X versus Y on merits but please don't shill for brands.

I'm starting with a useful link to a table that shows h264/265 hardware decoding formats. Hardware rendering is 5 to 10 times faster than software rendering, meaning 4K easily renders in faster than real time; 8K needs all the help it can get.

What H.264/H.265 Hardware Decoding is Supported in DaVinci Resolve Studio? (pugetsystems.com)

So what exactly is QuickSync? Well, Intel 11th gen i7/i9 CPUs don't have quite the raw processing power of the current AMD Ryzen and Threadripper CPUs but they do have an exclusive hardware decoding for several h264/h265 formats not found on NVIDIA GPUs, making the Intel 11th gen an attractive option for people who edit with HEVC and h264, in Resolve Studio, Adobe Premier Pro and After Effects where affordability is concerned.

Ken and Mark had noted that 422 is slower to encode than 420. I didn't really notice it much but the table above indicates there is truth to that judging from supported hardware formats, so point for them!

I'm going to be upgrading soon, either adding another tower or upgrading my present one to the NVIDIA RTX3090. My tower was a gaming build, but Puget Systems has benchmarked Resolve and Premier so you can more appropriately target a build for Post Production, and customization and pricing tools are extremely the best. Overall they are competitive with Newegg and better quality than Amazon, taking into consideration inclusive features and quality of cooling and quiet ventilation in lieu of gimmickry like colored lights. A quality enclosure that includes an abundance panel inputs/outputs, sound, networking, is something you'll regret later if you don't have them. Same for motherboards, noting that many of the affordable gaming towers on Amazon lack expandability, for 4.0 PCI express and M.2 for the fastest SSD drives. They can even include BMD Decklink video cards in your build, as well as preinstall VLC, Firefox, Chrome. Their builds also include the Pro not home version of Windows. I'm impressed!
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