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I'm looking at hooking up a external receiver to my computer via HDMI, so I can have higher quality speakers on my computer (Speaker systems built for computers are rather cheap and low quality... even the Z5500s just don't impress me). This will be the sound card I will be using:

I would really like to use HDMI but it seems that all receivers under $300 only have HDMI pass-through. The sound card is able to decode DD/DTS/TrueHD/DTS-HD... So I don't really need the receiver too. However it seems impossible to get a receiver that will accept HDMI audio, and actually play it... for around $150.

So what it comes down to:

1) Spend $100 on a receiver, and use optical.

2) Spend $300+ on a receiver, and use HDMI.

Surely, there is some other way? That is a huge price gap just to be able to use HDMI over optical.
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